How to Cut Down the Usage of Paper Using Online Billing and Banking?

We all know that we should protect the environment, and spread greenery. We all have
heard about the saying Go Green, but not many really give a damn to it seriously. Go
Green means we have to protect green by changing our personal habits to improve the
environment and reduce trash. There are simple steps you can follow at home so that
you can reduce usage of paper by making use of online billing and banking.
Here’s how you can reduce usage of paper.

online billing

1.The first and important way to decrease paper waste at banks is by using online
e-statements. Banks can send your monthly statements through mail instead of
statements on paper. It is so nice to think that you will receive all bills and
statements by mail. Over a period of time, say for one year, you can reduce huge
amount of waste by using electronic statements. By this, you will be able to
reduce wastage of paper, save trees and you will be helping the environment.
Nowadays, SBI Net banking and IDBI net banking are very famous, since they
are doing banking through net.

2. If you sign up for billing through online then large amount of paper waste can be
reduced. Many companies send bills through online and debit card payments are
automated from the bank account every month. The best example for this is from
your car insurance you can save money if the payments are automatically
deducted from your bank account every month. This will save huge money and
also helps the environment.

3. If any business or lenders do not offer payments through online or automatic,
then the payments can be made over the phone. There are some businesses
that are trying hard to get their bills done through online systems, but you can
make use of telephone. A small tip is that you can call after the office hours to
avoid the call being put on hold.

4.Try to utilize direct deposit. Many of the work places offer checking account,
which are direct deposit and also through social security. This is also one more
important way to reduce paper waste and green. When your account is deposited
through direct debit, you will have the guarantee that your money is available and
there is no need to be dependent on your boss, cashing fees or bank. Many jobs
nowadays offer direct debit.

5.There are many consumers who are banking through their cell phones. Nowadays,
most cell phones are smartphones and most mobile users are using them for making
payments, and host of other money transfers.
That’s why even banks are encouraging their customers to subscribe to e-billing and
curb the usage of paper in printing the monthly billing statements.

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